Types of male costumes that women favor

If your customers are mostly women, refer these following tips for choosing staff uniform. This is the “7 things women would like men to dress” by Jon Moris – famous stylish – after 26 years of research.

  1. The colors can express prudent and power are dark blue or dark brown
  2. The combination of red and dark blue is considered as powerful and reliable

dong phuc cong so3


  1. Dark blue and light colored vest are assessed as intelligent by women


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  1. Magenta tie expresses the charm


dong phuc cong so5


  1. Most women said: plain shirts are sexier


dong phuc cong so2


  1. To women, the aesthetic capacity in the way of men’s dress will be equivalent to the other capacity. The man know how to dress reasonably, reflect the sense of aesthetic is often considers as smart and stylish.


dong phuc cong so1


  1. Successful women said that the men wears tight clothes, traditional and high quality, regardless the shape of their bodies, look sexy and glamor. Naturally, the costumes must be cut and sewed with good materials.

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