Uniforms bring luck to Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse is predicted to be a successful year for the enterprises not only thanks to the economic situation started to recover after the crisis, but also Year of the Horse symbolizes the “ Win instant success ” according to feng shui.


Should change uniform at the beginning of the year

Change means a new beginning, a difference compared with previous year. In business, the difference is always the key for success.

The change of company’s uniform will attract the attention of customers, make them curious, waiting for the new programs or events that the enterprise will launch in the year. For employees, if they have to wear a single type of uniform for a year, how would they feel? Of course they are very tired and do not feel excited about the existing uniform. So, please give your employees new motivation to strive for the following year from by providing them with new uniform.

Uniforms bring luck in year of the Horse

Color: The leading feng shui experts say that the lucky color of 2014 is blue and yellow. The colors represent the natural factor. The two colors will balance the lack factors in Year of the Horse. Thanks to the various palette, you can easily make up the difference just from two blue and yellow colors.


Design: The simple, generous design is the optimal choice for 2014. The comfort helps employees work with full capacity and still feel comfortable. If your employees have to work outdoor, should provide them with jackets. Because of the extraordinary changes of the weather over the next year will affect the health of people.

Embroidered printed logo: This is an important problem in changing, while ensuring the company image to be easily identified. The current embroidered printing technology is more progressive, ensures the sharpness and not smudged. With uniform of shirt, you should choose embroidered logo to increase reliability. With advertising uniforms, thermal pressing printing technology, 3D printing will make the product image more vivid.

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