Vietnamese students uniforms throughout periods

Feudal Period

School clothes of pupils had been affected a lot from Confucius, mostly were ao dai and turban or ao ba ba. And of course, in this period, only boys could go to school.


French colonial Period

For the first time did the image of students’ uniforms appear in Vietnam because of the application of education system in French colonial period. At that time, students’ uniforms were the mix of two obviously different cultures, one side was the image of traditional Vietnamese schools with uniforms were ao dai for girls, ao ba ba for boys and the other side was pants and shirts, skirts for girls which were bold of Europe design.

dong-phuc-hoc-sinh-su-tu-vang-2 dong-phuc-hoc-sinh-su-tu-vang-3

Reform Period

Despite changes in the politics, economy, education, traditional clothes of Vietnamese students did not have significant changes. At this period, students were still loyal to the traditional ao dai, which made the feature of schools such as Dong Khanh white Ao Dai, Gia Long school (Sai Gon) purple Ao Dai,…Boy students’ uniforms were mainly white shirts and pants.

dong-phuc-hoc-sinh-su-tu-vang-4 dong-phuc-hoc-sinh-su-tu-vang-5


Recent School Uniform

When the government decided to open, many different cultures were introduced into Vietnam, which also had wearing culture of Western and Asian countries. Recent students’ uniforms are very abundant from designs to colors. Except for shirts and pants uniform, schools also diversify uniforms thanks to accessories such as backpack, shoes, hat,…dong-phuc-hoc-sinh-su-tu-vang-6

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