What do you need for a security uniform?

” All uniforms are the same, only the design is different” This is a completely wrong thought. Have you ever wondered how different they are between a normal shirt and a security shirt? The answer is yes..

No matter if you are a motorbike guard or a large mall security staff, you still need a better uniform than your daily clothes. Security is a sacred job, and you also have to move a lot. Thus, having a qualitified uniform will prolong renewing time, which will save a lot of cost. So what does a security uniform need?



Badge. This is a highlight for others to recognize your job. No matter if you are a security officer or private guard, you still need a badge. A badge has the role as identifying characteristics when you come in and out your working place.Some private guard companies create their own badge for their security staff. The badge may be separated or embroidered directly on the shirt. For embroidered one, consider if the design is delicated enough for other people to easily realize from far away.

Epaulettes. The very first purpose of epaulettes on security shirt is hierarchical ranking. But nowadays, the epaulettes have another function: attach the walkie-talkie to support their job.


Pocket. A pen or necessary things need to be brought will be kept with a button-attached pocket. Depending on the nature of work to decide the number of pockets. Security pants with big pockets are normally loved because they can contain telephones, walkie-talkies, flashlights or keys.


Beside the main characteristics mentioned above, you also need to care about fabric quality and design to create your difference. Golden Lion uses high-class fabric, guarantee about fastness, firm seam. Our company also have the sample design policy for you to have the best choice.


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