What should you do when you get dozens of various quotations of uniforms?



If you are in charge of ordering uniforms for your company/school, you will be embarrassed when each receiving dozens of various quotations of uniforms every day. The degree of difference in price is also increasing by the introduction of many garment factories supplying low price products with low quality. Before such situation, what you need to do is not to ignore the quotations of high prices to choose the cheap price, let be wise to reconsider all of the following issues:What make uniforms cheap?


The same material and design, but there are quotations with the different prices from tens up to hundred thousand dong. You should suspect before the very low price, because the cost to produce a uniforms of high quality cannot be much cheaper. Some small garment workshops will offer very competitive price lists thanks to deception of change of material or “mass” outsourcing – a form of production does not care for quality. Serious problem is that the difference cannot be distinguished right at the desk and you cannot distinguish how the actual product is different.


Cheap things are no good The ancient’s teaching is always right. When you ought to make important decisions that spend much expenses of the company, a cheap product is not meaning that the value you get is cheap. Should compare the total cost that you ought to spend on the order including product prices, cost of renting designer, costs of samples, delivery costs, costs of provision and some defective products must be corrected, … In the worst case, if the finished products are not as the agreement, you will have to take responsibility for such order, literally “money on quack”. 


Review vendors of uniforms
This is somewhat laborious, but it is not wasteful if you take the time to consider carefully the information about the vendors. The current market appears more uniforms service companies. They have no workshop but depend on the small garment processing workshops for each different order. Therefore, product quality is not guaranteed, but the cost price is also much higher than the reality. If possible, you should visit the vendors of uniforms to confirm their production status, and witness the production of products.


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