Why choosing us?

Why choosing us?



Golden Lion Uniforms is one of the top brands of workplace uniform and equipment in Viet Nam.

Founded in 2009, Golden Lion Garment Co., Ltd, which began as a workshop producing T-shirts for exporting to Eastern European market, has expanded into other business sectors such as corporate uniforms, premium workwear, caps and backpacks.

Our customers are: resorts, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, banking systems, hospitals, international schools, oil and gas exploration companies, transportation construction companies, post offices, energy companies and food processing units.

Our advantages are high quality and fashionable products. Therefore, we improve our applications, apply the most modern technology to the production line in order to satisfy the market and customers.


công ty may đồng phục

Golden Lion Uniforms Staff is a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team. We possess deep understanding of business fields, always listen, give advice and support customers anytime, anywhere.


Công ty may đồng phục


Moreover, Golden Lion Uniform employs experienced designers to create superior products with gracious and elegant style as well as comfort for you.


Xưởng sản xuất đồng phục


Golden Lion Uniforms workshop was invested the modern industrial chain with specialized machines. With the skilled technical staff and skilled workers, we are able to provide for a large amount of orders with the guaranteed quality.


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xưởng sản xuất đồng phục


Golden Lion Uniforms products acquire high quality, bring original style and offer wide range of for all domestics and foreign customers.


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Golden Lion proud to be trusted by partners: