Why Thai college students love wearing uniform

1. Almost Thai college students like wearing uniform


The execution of Suan Dusat’s survey(14-17 September 2013) shows that 94.4% of students in 1293 in Bangkok think that wearing uniform is necessary to maintain their order and identity. 70.96% of them think that they should wear uniform every day to join the class

2. Uniforms motivate the social equality among students:

Almost Thai student in the university never think about social class differences among their friends. They look identical when wearing similar uniforms

3. Uniform represents for rules, tradition, respect and reputation:

It sounds like there are lots of expectations from the simple black and white uniform, but you will be surprised by the breath and the depth of the meaning. According to Thai’s tradition, learning how to dress up is equivalent to learn rules. The sense of responsibility and discipline of human are judged through the way we dress. Thus, wearing uniform is tradition from generation from generation, if you do not comply with it, this person can be considered non-serious

In addition, uniform is a way for students to show respect for their organization. Not everyone is going to university, so wearing uniform makes them feel more confident.

4. Thai female student’s uniforms are the most attractive in the world

Thai female student’s uniforms are named the world most enchanting uniform. It is a big pride of Thai students and they will never give up this tradition. In Vietnam, uniforms are become more popular in school. Golden Lion company also expects students in Vietnam to dress up nice uniforms and high quality when going to school so we decide to make a program called “ Co-operating to improve uniform’s quality for Vietnamese “.

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